Since it’s a bit hard for me to believe, it will probably be harder for all of you to believe, but this past weekend marked the one year point since I started this website.

Over the past year, I’ve documented a lot of things – my ever changing taste in music, my internship at Rolling Stone, my trip to Europe, getting my first tattoo, moving to Brooklyn. Thanks to this blog, I’ve met new people and made new friends, faced internet criticism, examined my writing and listening habits, and got my first post-college job (while it was not the only reason I got the job, it was a big factor).

More than anything, this has been one of the most difficult years of my life, and much like my life, it’s taken a long time for T-Sides to set its foundation. I give many thanks to those of you who have sent music (even if I didn’t post it), left comments, linked to the site, engaged in debates with me, supported me, and even those of you who have tried to shoot me down. Most of all, I thank you for reading this site at all, especially those of you who have come back to read it repeatedly, despite my inconsistency. I hope you will continue to do so.

In honor of this one year mark, I will not write yet another long entry, but am linking back to entries on this site that received a lot of positive feedback (either through comments or links). I am also re-linking to the mp3s within those posts so that they can be read again with the full experience. Consider it a “Best of” of sorts.

From August 3rd: “Harvey Danger: Better Than You Think”
From September 23rd: “Two Nights at Madison Square Garden”
From October 4th: “I Know it’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I Like It”
From October 26th: “The Fruit Stand Outside My Window”
From November 20th: “Athena / I Had No Idea How Much I Need Her”

If there are any other posts from T-Sides that you particularly loved and would like me to renew the mp3 links to (year end lists aside), leave your suggestions in the comments!