I’ve wanted to take part in the Contrast Podcast for a long time now, but just kept putting it off, mostly out of fear that I would just choose a completely ridiculous, out of place, inappropriate song. This week’s theme gave me no reason to fear any of those things, however, because the theme for Contrast Podcast #44 is “X Rated.” So, I strapped on my leather cat suit, knee-high boots and got down to it. Participating in my first Contrast Podcast, that is.

I won’t dare divulge what song I chose, but I will tell you that the second and third runners up were Mystikal, “Danger (Been So Long)” and Plastic Little, “Get Close,” respectively. If you’d like to find out what song I did end up choosing, hear me talk at about 75% slower than I normally talk and hear a great selection of other explicit tunes from other bloggers, go here: The Contrast Podcast.