I apologize for the lack of updates this week. Between interning, looking for jobs and getting ready to move out of the apt. where I was staying in Queens, it’s been a busy week. I have plenty to write about, but I’m still digesting a lot of it. However, one thing I did get to this week was the screening of Episodes 1-10 of Yacht Rock in Park Slope.

Fake Michael McDonald, Fake Koko, Real Me, Real Mita. Aug. 23, Union Hall, Park Slope.

I know that most of you internerds have probably seen the hilarity that is Yacht Rock, but allow me to write a few words for the 1% that have not.

Yacht Rock is a series that began on Channel101, an organization that allows any Joe Schmo to create their own “TV” Show and get it aired — both to an audience in L.A., and the sea of potential audiences that is the internet. Yacht Rock focuses on the smooth music that dominated airwaves between ’76 and ’84 (particularly focusing on Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins), and the eventual overtake of hard rock. It is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in the last year.

Each episode is about five minutes long, so I highly recommend relinquishing 50 minutes and watching all 10 episodes. You’ll laugh (especially when Hall & Oates are on screen), you’ll cry, you’ll feel the raw power of really smooth music. Thanks to Yacht Rock, I’ve been reminded of some really choice tunes. Here are a few of my favorite cuts from the show:

The Doobie Brothers: “What A Fool Believes” (download)
Hall & Oates: “Portable Radio” (download)
Michael McDonald: “I Keep Forgettin’ (Everytime You’re Near)” (download)
Kenny Loggins: “Don’t Fight It (Feat. Steve Perry)” (download)
Kenny Loggins: “This Is It (Feat. Michael McDonald)” (download)
Steely Dan: “FM” (download)
Toto: “Rosanna” (download)
Warren G: “Regulate (w/ Nate Dogg)” (download)

To solve the mystery of why “Regulate” isn’t the odd song out, watch Episode 7. They’re doing assorted screenings in L.A., Chicago & New York, and if you can find one, I recommend going to those, as well. I first saw Yacht Rock on the internet, but nothing compares to seeing it on the big medium screen. I found out about the Park Slope screening on the Yacht Rock Myspace profile, so try there first.

I think I might really like Steely Dan, but I haven’t heard enough to decide…