Menomena, Nov. 2004, at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. Taken by Taylor Long.

Menomena: “Cough Coughing” (download)
Menomena: “The Late, Great Libido” (download)
Seattle record label Barsuk recently announced that they’ve signed Portland’s Menomena (note: best band website EVER). This is great news for a multitude of reasons, the primary of which are:

1: Barsuk is awesome
2: Menomena is awesome

And, as we all know, awesome + awesome = two times the awesome-ness. These two tracks are from Menomena’s debut, I Am The Fun Blame Monster, which is actually an anagram of “The First Menomena Album.” The band will release its sophomore effort (if you don’t count that dance/performance soundtrack they did, which I don’t) on Barsuk in early 2007, titled Friend and Foe. This also excites me greatly, because Fun Blame Monster is amazing, but I’ve been longing for more Menomena for quite some time.