Fridays are usually my day off from RS. This week was a closing week (for those of you not in the biz, this means the magazine was getting ready to go to print / all the pages & articles were on deadline / that kind of thing), it was Spring Break for one of the interns, and one of the people on the editorial staff was out on break, so there had to be an intern at her desk all week. They asked me to come in on Friday, and being the dedicated intern that I am, I obliged.

It’s mid-term time. I’m a senior in my last semester. I’m taking two journalism classes that require regular writing, I’m a staff writer for Resonance Magazine and a contributing editor for the Hofstra Chronicle (which I’ll get to in a post shortly following this one), so that’s a lot of writing. I also have a job on campus, a regular radio slot, and, you know, some semblance of a social life. Giving up a spare day can be a real pain.

Understandably, I had a long week that was very draining and confusing, both physically and emotionally. I had a hard time waking up Friday morning. Yet, the weather was beautiful (a delightful surprise at this time of year), I had a good conversation with a friend, and soon found myself in a very pleasant mood.

When I was riding the F between Penn Station and Rockefeller Center, my iPod — on shuffle — chose the very fitting “Up-Tight,” by Stevie Wonder (download). The stride of my steps marching down the Ave. of the Americas matched up with the beat of the song, and one thought came to mind – I fucking love New York City.

It also reminded me of a mash-up that my friend found on some message board / mash-up community, and it’s really quite amazing: “Up-Tight vs. Pet Sounds” (download).

The other day, I transcribed a really fascinating interview with Chris Cornell. He recently opened a restaurant in Paris with his wife Vicky, called Black Calavados, and Audioslave is coming out with a new CD in the next couple months (their second in just a year). He talked about working at a restaurant in Seattle when he was younger (I forget the name of it, but he said it was really touristy, which would explain why I don’t know it), and it was really fun hearing him talk about how much he loves food, and how he’ll drive around for hours looking for the right restaurant. He also said that the new Audioslave record is going to have some soul/r&b influence, which really intrigues me, though I can’t say I remember any Audioslave song I’ve ever heard (but I haven’t heard many).

As for my potential to have a 20-word blurb in the mag, I’ll let you know when I see the latest copy. I recommended a few choice weblinks for the “Web Junk” section on their Mixed Media pages, and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have had one of them get chosen.

Also – we’re getting closer to issue # 1,000! #997 (w/ American Idol on the cover) drops this week.