Not music related, but I just can’t help myself –

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty much obsessed with Project Runway. None of the designers from this season have me as excited as I was about Jay McCarroll last year (who I liked since day one, thank you!), but it’s still as addicting as the first season. My pick so far has been Santino Rice, the man everyone loves to hate. He’s gone completely overboard with most of his designs (like here), but when he comes through, he really comes through (like here).

Well, now the photos from the four runway shows (three people are eligible to win the show, but just like last year, the final four all put on runway shows) are available online, thanks to the most wonderful photo sevice ever – thank you, getty images!

Is it just me, or does everything look really… boring?

Kara came through more than I thought she would (1, 2, 3), but her aesthetic reminds me a lot of a not quite as good version of Jay’s (esp. here and here). Golden boy Daniel V. is sleek and stylish, of course, (1, 2, 3), but, honestly, to me, is still just a bit simple and so… done before. Is there anything really that innovative about this? His clothes are gorgeous, just not new. I feel like I could walk into a Banana Republic right now and buy any of them. Chloe’s designs (1, 2, 3), surprisingly, are probably the most interesting, especially when compared to most of her work on the show. She actually seems to take the most risks (like here). And, last but not least, Santino “Is My Homeboy” Rice stayed surprisingly tame (1, 2, 3), perhaps partly in response to Nina Garcia’s comment from last week’s episode about him not designing for a woman’s body. I have to say that I really love every piece in his collection (except for this monstrosity).

Last year, after seeing the runway pictures, I knew Jay McCarroll would win, but with this season, it’s hard for me to pick a winner, because none of the collections seem very unique or exciting. But I can’t help but favor Santino’s designs, simply because a) I would wear almost every single one of them (though I would probably wear most of the other designer’s things, too, except most of Chloe’s are a bit too much for me), and b) his work doesn’t remind me of something I’ve seen somewhere else or by someone else (unlike Daniel V. & Kara, whose work does).