The Three Graces by Raphael

Here at T-Sides, we’re celebrating the impending arrival of Valentine’s Day by acknowledging a very important relationship. Your relationship with yourself. Not to say that all those others aren’t important, too. But as that wise old sage Charles Bukowski says, “If you have the ability to love / love yourself first.” Ok, so Bukowski wasn’t very good with other people, but the man knew something about solitude for sure.

Truth be told, the reason we have self-love on the mind is because T-Sides has been around for three years. This is nothing in people years, but in blog years that means T-Sides is approaching status as some kind of establishment. Or at least it would be if we weren’t so anti-establishment.

As per usual, you can expected the unexpected in the next year of T-Sides. We’ll be embarking on some new kinds of pieces, as well as relying on some old stand-bys. We’ll be covering our old favorites, as well as some new ones. But as always, we remain critically and excitedly yours, and thank you for reading, whether you’ve stuck around since the early days or just come here through Hype Machine for the free mp3s.

Explosions In The Sky: “Day Three” (download)
Iron & Wine: “We All Us Three Ride (Will Oldham Cover)” (download)
Les Savy Fav: “One To Three” (download)
Modest Mouse: “Third Planet” (download)
Pinback: “3×0” (download)
The Decemberists: “Crane Wife 3” (download)
Three Dog Night: “Mama Told Me Not To Come” (download)