Amazingly enough, we’ve reached the two-year mark here at T-Sides. I say amazingly because as any avid blog reader/writer will tell you, blogs — and music blogs in particular — tend to have a short shelf life.

After many unsuccessful brainstorms and attempts, T-Sides will not, in any foreseeable future, be implementing any sort of regular features beyond those that already exist. It would help the blog attract more readers, it would help you know when to come back, but ultimately, it’s just not part of what T-Sides has been about.

Originally, it was hard to decide what direction to take T-Sides, and it’s obvious from those first couple entries. As my music writing career grows, T-Sides is best kept in its status quo. It’s good to have a place to put things that might have trouble finding a home elsewhere, and it’s part of what sets this blog apart. Plenty of blogs – good and bad – have news, interesting links, and those kinds of things. They aren’t my competition. More than anything, T-Sides is about the enjoyment and appreciation of music, in all of the various forms it may take, and distorting that into easily digested, uniform pieces is not conducive to that spirit in its purest concentration. At least not the way this muse works.

And so, we remain, irregularly, long-windedly, but charmingly yours. Thank you for your support and affection – it’s meant more over the past two years than you could possibly know.

Beau Brummels: “Two Days ‘Til Tomorrow” (download)
The Doors: “Love Me Two Times” (download)
Jay-Z: “22 Two’s” (download)
Sun Ra: “Two Tones” (download)
Two Gallants: “Two Days Short Tomorrow” (download)