It’s awfully hypocritical that after Ben Bridwell’s insufferable ranting about being famous for only “the Funeral,” — or, more specifically, people at certain shows only interested in “the Funeral,” same ballpark — Band of Horses allowed it to be used in a 2008 Ford Edge commercial. Remember this? Here’s the key excerpt:

But then you had all these kids up front, that seemed so disinterested in the show and didn’t look up at the stage or anything. They just kind of sat there in front of the stage. Just seemed like they didn’t want to be there at all, until we played “The Funeral”. So all of a sudden you had these people that seemed so disinterested in the show all, somehow at the same time, pull their cameras out of their bags and start filming.

So I’m sitting there– now they’re really interested in this one song– and they still won’t make eye contact, looking through their little lenses, taping this one song for their blogs or for their fucking YouTube [accounts] or whatever, and it was just so annoying. It’s like, this show is already going south, and these people that seem disinterested are only here to further their YouTube accounts or their blogs or whatever, and it just pissed me off.

Way to discredit yourself there, Bridwell. Licensing it for a car commercial will definitely stop this problem for you.

They have a new album! With songs that don’t sound wildly different (in fact, whoever posted the video on YouTube thinks the song is “Is There A Ghost”)! They could have tried to convince Ford to use a song from it! But, since it seems they’d rather cement themselves to the one-hit-wonder category as much as possible, I won’t deviate from the process.

Band of Horses: “The Funeral” (download)