If you had asked me for my opinions on Feist about a year ago, I probably would’ve answered something along the lines of “meh.” I didn’t have particularly strong opinions about her either way, because while I liked what I had heard of hers, her music didn’t seem to impress me as much as it impressed everyone else. Enter 2007.

After reading Jon Pareles’ incredibly intriguing piece on Feist in the New York Times, I was encouraged to pick up her latest, The Reminder. After a few dedicated listens, I found myself liking it. After even more listens, I found myself, wonder of all wonders, loving it. I was in disbelief. Had it really taken me this long to pick up on what everyone else had heard/seen? Embarrassingly enough, yes.

Driven by my newfound appreciation for Feist, I went back and re-listened to her debut, Let It Die. Though I don’t like it as much as The Reminder, it has some absolutely wonderful moments, and “Inside and Out” is one of them.

Feist: “Inside and Out (Bee Gees Cover)” (download)

This is a Bee Gees cover, which, despite the obvious disco influence, I never would have guessed had I not seen the writing credits. After hearing the jaunty, “1,2,3,4,” “Inside and Out” just seems like its natural predecessor.

My favorite thing about this is its mood. Everything about this song strikes me as the musical embodiment of love. Seriously. Have you been in love? This is what it feels like. Or, at least, this is what the happy moments feel like. Feist, I love you!

If anyone wants to send me an mp3 of the Bee Gees, original, please do.