My first introduction to the Octopus Project was a little over one year ago, through another intern at Rolling Stone. He handed me their album, One Ten Hundred Thousand Million and said something along the lines of, “you’ll listen to this 2-3 times and then hardly ever after that.” I believe the word he used to describe it was “refreshing.”

He was right, more or less, particularly in his use of the word “refreshing.” The Octopus Project is something of a palate cleanser for today’s indie music servings. One Ten Hundred Thousand Million was the punch up needed between too much of… everything else. It’s not so much that their light, crisp instrumental electro is revolutionary as much as it is that no one else is doing it quite as well, and right now, the popular indie scene is over-saturated with almost everything but non-dancey electric music.

The Octopus Project: “I Saw The Bright Shinies” (download)

The Octopus Project has a new album coming out on October 9th – which seems like an awfully long time to wait for a much needed escape from whatever is whipping the indie kids into a frenzy. In the meantime, this first song from their as of yet untitled album is a like a cool gin and sprite on a warm summer day.