As mentioned before on T-Sides, yours truly has something of a haphazard acquaintance with music that is loud and heavy. It all began with Metallica and sort of sprung off from there, but didn’t extend too far. Then I chose to go to college on Long Island, which is something of a capitol for the hardcore scene. I went to a show during my first week of school, and went to many more through the course of my college education, mostly thanks to some friends of mine in a not-so-little band called Aeschylus.

Along the road of Aeschylus’ career, driven by vans and jettas overstuffed with people and gear, our group of show-goers was introduced to a lot of bands — many were mediocre, some were fantastically awful, and a few were just plain fantastic. On the Might of Princes was one of the fantastic ones.

OTMOP blossomed out of a school of modern hardcore/post-hardcore where bands put together the jagged edges of furious, fast arrangements with smooth, burgeoning melodies. This is no longer uncommon, but when they started, OTMOP were among those who did it very, very well. Their 2003 release, Sirens, still stands through the growth of this style over the past couple years, thanks to ambidextrous guitar playing, Jason Rosenthal’s pliable voice, and Chris Enriquez, easily one of the best drummers to come out of the music scene in the past 7 years.

Like too many truly good bands, the group crippled before reaching maximum potential and disbanded in 2004. But, filled with hope and longing, OTMOP has reunited for a 3-show send-off marathon, sure to mend some wounds, burn some bridges and leave a good taste on the tongues of their fans. It started with a “secret show” last night on Strong Island, stops over tonight, May 18th @ Wallingford American Legion Hall in Wallingford, CT and it all ends on Sunday, May 20th @ Club Europa in Brooklyn, NY.

On the Might of Princes: “Carry Go, Bring Come” (download)
On the Might of Princes: “You Whistle, I’ll Shoot” (download)

On the Might of Princes on MySpace

Also playing on Sunday is Aescylus, finally reunited for their last show, as well. It’s a farewell blow-out!

Aeschylus: “Die Like Elvis” (download)
Aeschylus: “Sex For Dinner” (download)

They will be accompanied by Bridge and Tunnel, Yes Sensei and Encrypt Manuscript.