Though he’s mostly known for his part in Seattle pop-rockers the Lashes, Eric Howk has a really fantastic set of solo songs up on MySpace under the name Palmer, AK. They’re short, sweet, and relaxed pop, the kind that’s perfect for driving with the windows down, laying in the park and cuddling with your sweetheart/friend/cat/dog.

Palmer, AK: “Revelry” (download)
Palmer, AK: “Droogs” (download)

He’s also got a song up there called, “The Moat,” which will be a Lashes song in the not too distant future. I’ve been meaning to write about Mr. Howk for months, but what propelled me to do so at this very point in time is that he needs some serious love and help. Eric fell 12 feet into a construction site and is now in the hospital. To make matters worse, like many of us young 20-somethings, he is without insurance. How can you help? Well, there’s a variety of ways. If you live in Seattle, you can attend this benefit show. Those who don’t live in Seattle (as well as those who do), can donate money through this website, and can also buy “I Heart Eric Howk” t-shirts. Let’s give something back to someone who’s given much of himself in his music.

Edit: Bonus Track!

The Lashes: “Sometimes the Sun” (download)

The Lashes Official Site
The Lashes on MySpace
Palmer, AK on MySpace

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