I know, I know. Things have been really quiet here at T-Sides, and believe me, it’s not for a lack of caring — I still want you to read this, I still want you here! It’s largely that I’m busy, and it’s hard for me to settle down and write things with as long as it takes me to write — for example, I saw the Long Winters on Monday night (they were awesome), and Tuesday night I had photo class, Wednesday night I caught up with a friend (yes, I am a blogger with a social life!), last night I was just plain exhausted, and tonight I’m seeing Goes Cube (as filmed by Matt Ear Farm), and do you really want to read about a concert that long after the fact?

The other thing is that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what kind of things I want to write about here, because you see, I’m really not listening to a lot of new music. A lot of this year’s big releases just aren’t grabbing me. But, before you go on a rant about how blogs are too positive, the thing is that I don’t hate any of the new releases enough to make my writing about them negatively interesting, and mediocre reviews are generally mediocre on the interesting scale.

I will indeed be back in short order — by early next week, and probably even by this weekend, so just hold on to your hats, and go read this week’s Week In Rock Roundtable: Week Five.