Men At Work: “Down Under” (download)
Elton John: “Crocodile Rock” (download)
Massive Attack & Tracey Thorn: “When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” (download)
So here I am, listening to random mp3s from some French record label, and a friend messages me and says that the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has been stabbed by a stingray and is dead. My first instinct is to look on CNN, because fake celebrity death rumors pass among college students like an STD. Alas, CNN has verified this sad story. He was filming an underwater documentary when he was pierced by a stingray “barb” that went through his chest.
When I think of Crocodile Hunter, I think of when I was working at a theater during high school, and two of my co-workers had great fun entertaining everyone by doing Crocodile Hunter impressions. Thanks, Croc Hunter, for giving us more to laugh about.