Johnnie Taylor: “Cheaper To Keep Her” (download)
There’s this record store near Union Square that I love, called Second-Hand Rose. It’s mostly vinyl, and the place is filled with some incredible stuff. I was in there the other day, and the owner was playing a Stax compilation that I really loved and may try to go back and buy in a few days. This was one of the songs on it, and I was unabashedly rocking out to it in the store. Maybe this song explains why all the men I know stay in relationships they don’t want to be in for at least an extra year…

Bob Dylan: “Just Like A Woman” (download)
I ended up walking out with a Nina Simone live record, on which she covers this Bob Dylan song. I love, love Nina Simone, but I have to say I mostly bought the record just for this cover (though I’m sure the rest of it will be great). It’s probably my favorite Bob Dylan song, and I’m really aching to hear her destroy it (in a good way) with that voice of hers. Unfortunately, I don’t have my record player with me, so I just have to sit and pout.