If you talk to me about my status/future/job as a music critic, one thing you may hear me say is that I’m a music critic who disagrees with music critics. That’s not to say that I’m so overwhelmingly original that no one ever shares my point of view. It’s just that, more often than not, I tend to whole-heartedly disagree with a large portion of others in this “business.”

Usually, I try to stay away from pointing this out on here, because being the busy woman that I am, my declaration of opinion often comes second, and I certainly don’t want to create the illusion that I am taking a point of view on something with the sole purpose of disagreeing or trying to look hip or some such thing. Awhile ago, I wanted to point out how relieved I was when Fluxblog wrote the only review I’d seen not calling Sufjan Stevens’ Illnois a masterpiece and/or the best album of 2005. But by the time I got this thing running, it was far too late.

In my last post, you’ll notice that, in my review of the Two Gallants / Sam Champion / Cold War Kids show, I didn’t write about Sam Champion. This is mostly because I’d seen them before and wasn’t impressed, and on second viewing – well, I still wasn’t impressed, and not being impressed twice is hardly something to write about.

Well, Stereogum went and proved my point. Today, in their review, they write that Sam Champion was the only band that was memorable. Granted, they have a lot more indie cred than I do, so perhaps I should wait to point out this kind of thing before I have more clout, but you can’t blame a girl for trying to differentiate herself early on in a sea of similar looking sharks.