I know what you’re thinking. “Taylor, the last thing the internet needs is yet another MP3 blog.” And you’re right – partly. With MP3 blogs like Jefitoblog, Stereogum, Fluxblog and Gorilla vs. Bear, what more could I possibly hope to contribute?

There are a handful of reasons for the existence of this blog. Firstly, I’m an aspiring music journalist, so the more chances to write about music and improve my craft, the better. Secondly, I don’t consider myself the typical music nerd blog-keeper. Yes, my tastes tend to center around indie music – but I also listen to a lot of “classic rock,” jazz, opera/musicals, classical pieces, hip-hop/rap, soul/r&b, and yes, even some country. Thirdly, I’ve had a fair amount of success in recommending music to others that they’ve liked, so I thought I’d attempt it on a larger scale. Lastly, my narcissistic, ranting and rambling LiveJournal has been interesting to several strangers, so I figured that perhaps something more cohesive might be able to do so to an even greater extent.

So what can you expect from me? MP3-wise, I plan to post about new artists I discover and older artists I “re-discover.” I plan to post MP3s based around themes/moods and memories. Next week, I start an internship at a widely-known entertainment publication (read: Rolling Stone), and I’m hoping that will prove to be somewhat post-worthy. Of course, you can also expect a certain amount of typical music blog fodder, like amusing links and some non-music related entertainment goodness. I’ll do my best to be chuckle-inducing and informative, but not in an over-the-top, “trying too hard” kind of way. I’m also going to try and avoid hipster hype or re-iterating things you’ve seen/read somewhere else.

So there’s my mission statement. Y’all come back now, y’hear?