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Lost MP3 of the Week: Muddy Waters, “You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had”

Being an obsessive music hoarder has its drawbacks. The questions of, “How often do I really listen to ______ ?” and all those albums that you really mean to get around to listening to, you’re just never really “in the right mood.” Or those albums that you think you hate then decide you like on...

T-Sides Elsewhere, July 30th Edition

Bullz-Eye: I covered as much of Siren Fest as I could. Bottles of water consumed: 6. Sunburns received: 5. Popdose: I reviewed Shine A Light, Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones concert documentary, the all over the place Love As Laughter album, Holy, the Notwist’s excellent Neon Golden follow-up, The Devil You + Me, Joan as Police...

Will Scorsese “Shine A Light” on The Stones?

Martin Scorsese’s films haven’t especially impressed me in the past (though I’ve only seen three), but I do enjoy “The Last Waltz,” and his attempt at making a “Last Waltz”-esque film for the Rolling Stones in “Shine A Light,” could be interesting… here’s the trailer. It’s due out next year. [youtube][/youtube]