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Jake One: "Home"

Jake One: “Home”

This is all I have to say about Sunday – and I’m letting this song say it for me. Esp. the 2:34-2:50 mark. More on the state of T-Sides to come.

Top 15 Music-Related Things We’ve Been Hearing, Reading, Thinking About For The Past Two Months

I’m truly sorry T-Sides and all related projects have been offline for so long. Chalk it up to summer, chalk it up to a quarter-life crisis, chalk it up to any sorry excuse for life taking us away from the things we love that require any amount of work. But let’s turn the focus on...

Lost MP3 of the Week: De La Soul, “Rock Co. Kane Flow (Feat. MF Doom)”

In 2004, I managed to land an internship at the Grammys. More specifically, the Seattle branch of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), the professional organization responsible for the Grammys. Four or five internships later, it’s still one of my top two favorites, because I felt like I was making a difference...