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Taylor on Taylor: The Inaugural Episode

Me and Miranda July and Mark Epstein and Marina Abramovic

I fell down the rabbit hole of the Internet a few weeks ago, while catching up with A Bright Wall In A Dark Room, a brilliant film blog. I was reading Bebe Ballroom’s essay on Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know....
Spun Out: Prisoner in Disguise by Linda Ronstadt

“Love is a Rose.” Written in a car on my way to La Havana Maui from the airport. Recorded at the ranch during rehearsals for the CSNY ’74 reunion tour. Later done up well by Linda Ronstadt, a soulful girl with big brown eyes.
Heartache To Heartache / Love Is A Battlefield

Fleet Foxes, "Helplessness Blues"

Phagwah Parade 2011: It’s Spring And The Men Are Horny

Under Construction until April 4th.

Statement Of Purpose

State of the T-Sides Nation: 2011

T-Sides Elsewhere, Jan. 24th Edition

Jake One: "Home"

Ode To The 2010 Seahawks: The Reprise