This is Taylor. (As captured by Joe Marconi.)

Born in the year of the sale of the first Apple Macintosh, Michael Jackson’s scalp setting on fire, the longest Major League Baseball game in history, and both the summer and winter Olympics, Taylor was surely destined for excellence from birth. She wanted to be many things when she was younger: a chef, a gymnast, an architect. But as an inhabitant of the sleepy, cloudy town of Seattle, her love of music grew out of its independent music scene, even just six years after Nirvana had put it on the map. Her need for sprawling urban communities and diversity could not be met by such a small city, so she absconded to Long Island, New York, where she studied Print Journalism and Music from Pulitzer Prize winning professors and the co-inventor of the Moog synthesizer. When she’s not critiquing music, she’s probably critiquing movies and books, laying in parks, exploring new streets, yelling at Seattle sports teams, taking pictures of garbage, eating spicy food, drinking hefeweizen and/or dreaming of her next travel destination.

She freelances where possible – primarily for websites (Popdose, Bullz-Eye), but also the occasional magazine (Resonance, SOMA). She is interested in opportunities for full-time editorial employment, so please contact her if you would like to provide her with such opportunities. You can find her resume linked from the sidebar under “Related To Me.” You can find links to various clips by exploring entries in the “T-Sides Elsewhere” category.

T-Sides won’t host full-albums (unless they’re hard to find), and most MP3s will stay up for about two weeks or so, and are strictly for sampling purposes. If you own the copyright to a song you find here that you don’t want on this website, contact us and it will be remove it. For more of an idea of what this is about, you can read Taylor: a musical history.

Comments, recommendations, donations and other kinds of feedback are not only welcomed but encouraged. If you need to get ahold of T of T-Sides in a manner not conducive to commenting here, you can use e-mail ( or AIM (geomeTRYofLOVE).