Pattern is Movement

Left wanting more after seeing one of their many CMJ sets, Pattern is Movement conveniently came back to NYC to open for Subtle. As it stands, though, this pair should be headlining their own shows already.

Pattern is Movement is the kind of band one can pull whatever one likes from, whether it be focusing on Andrew Thiboldeaux’s sweet voice or Chris Ward’s flawlessly instinctive drumming. It’s aggressive, it’s beautiful, it’s whatever you’re in the mood for it to be.

In comparison to the rambunctiousness of their final CMJ set, Tuesday’s show was calmer but no less engaging – and, luckily, not in the Knitting Factory basement, so sound quality was instantly improved. Show-goers were led once more in a sing-a-long to “Right Away,” and at least one couple got caught up in the charming atmosphere and spent a sizable chunk of the show making out – much to the amusement of the good-natured duo and the rest of the audience.

Pattern Is Movement: “Right Away” (download)

Subtle was plenty interesting in character – wearing a construction worker’s flashlight headband, telling jokes and going on rants – but based on how much the crowd decreased in size after Pattern is Movement finished their set, most of us would’ve been perfectly pleased to see them play longer.