Nearly two years ago now, I posted a short list of songs that reminded me of my post-college trip to Europe & Asia. One of those songs, DJ Bobo’s “Chihuahua,” has recently reappeared in my life – and will soon make its way into yours, as well, if it hasn’t already.

DJ Bobo: “Chihuahua” (download)

A bit of a ridiculous song, “Chihuahua” is a silly, bouncy, dance tune that’s not actually about those yippy dogs that often get mistaken for rats and/or promote Taco Bell, but instead is about how the word “Chihuahua” makes DJ Bobo very, very happy.

I’m walking in the street and the moon shines bright
A little melody is spinning on my mind tonight
I gotcha it’s the song about chihuahua
Yeah, that’s cool alright (chihuahua)
It means fun – and a life without sorrow
Feels young – when you think about tomorrow
Say yo – when you’re about to freak out
Just go, and then shout it out loud

Nonsensical as it may be, it’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head for hours on end, driving you insane. Kind of like “It’s A Small World Afterall.”

I first heard it two years ago on the aforementioned trip to Europe, when the tour guide used to play it to wake us up. (It was incredibly effective.) I downloaded the song as a fun little reminder, and had listened to it maybe twice since then. That is, until last week.

Before a screening of WALL-E (which was excellent), my friends and I were “treated” to a preview of the upcoming Disney movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which seems to be about how Chihuahuas are great warriors infiltrating our homes and destined to take over humanity. Or something. Not only does it look absolutely, completely horrible in comparison to the kinds of movies Disney has produced in the past, it uses a remixed version of DJ Bobo’s “Chiuhuahua.” Modified lyrically to make the song actually about the breed of dog, of course.

Should this seem too absurd to actually exist and, thus, you are in great doubt, here’s the trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua – and below that, DJ Bobo’s video for the song: