Though the Reminder is pretty fabulous from top to bottom, “Sea Lion Woman” was easily one of the album’s catchier tracks, with it’s earthy, quick beat. It was also a highlight in Feist’s live shows.

Feist: “Sea Lion Woman” (download)

In my recent Internet travels, I came across Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s own Matt Bauer, a man with some serious folk talent. Upon visiting his MySpace, I discovered his great version of “Sea Lion Woman.”

Matt Bauer: “Sea Lion Woman” (download)

It’s pretty similar in terms of the approach, but his version ends up sounding like a story or myth that might be told around the camp fire, whereas Feist’s take felt like an anthem (her version is actually a slight tweaking of Nina Simone’s “Sea Line Woman,” as reader Ian pointed out).

Bauer has an album called The Island Moved in the Storm coming out later this year (September 2nd), and what I’ve heard of it is stellar. Modern folk afficionados and anyone who’s gone gaga over Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago will want to add it to their calendars. He also has a few East Coast shows coming up – check his MySpace for details.

Matt Bauer on MySpace
Matt Bauer Official Site