Now that I’m done with 2007, it’s time to turn our attention towards 2008, which I’ve sorely neglected for these past two weeks, though not out of spite.

With the start of 2008 came the start of PopDose, a smart, uninhibited blog about all things pop culture and even a few things not. There’s a vast arsenal of talented writers, including yours truly, who’s been given the ominous title of New Music Editor.

PopDose will be hosting my Lost MP3 of the Week feature (though I’ll still have it on here, as well), along with weekly full-length album reviews, and concert reviews.

I won’t be deserting T-Sides. Some content will be exclusive to T-Sides, some content will be exclusive to Pop Dose, and some content will run on both sites, so make sure to make room for both in your daily/weekly/monthly/whateverly blog intake.

In addition to fantastic write-ups from yours truly, you’ll find a wealth of top notch content on PopDose, including the old features from JefitoBlog (Jeff himself is at the helm of PopDose), and my new personal favorite, “Redeeming Rod,” examining a different (1980’s and onward) Rod Stewart song every week. Don’t hate… it’s time to let your Rod love shine through.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over there and poke around.