House of Brothers: “Deadman” (download)

There’s something easy to like about “Deadman” – particularly the falling piano, the flutes, the violins, the maracas, the hand claps. It’s very complete, very well thought out, very whole. Nothing is missing. This is a nice little gem of a tune for fall. His self-titled debut EP is out Nov. 26th.

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Bear In Heaven: “Werewolf (Edit)” (download)
Bear In Heaven: “Bag of Bags” (download)

Here’s a quick tip: if you really want me to listen to something, put “psych-” in the description. It’s not just that I love psych (which I do), but also that, in the world of indie pr, it’s generally a good indicator that I’m about to listen to something different. Different is certainly an apt adjective for Bear In Heaven, who are so all over the map that it’s hard to guess their ultimate destination. The “Werewolf” edit is meant to be the stand out track, but it’s so unstable that it’s hard not to get distracted, though it’s certainly a treat if you can keep your mind from wandering. “Bag of Bags” practically covers all the major stages of psych, which is impressive but still a bit jolting. I can’t even begin to imagine what this album must sound like, but I give ’em props for what they’re attempting. And for this great album title – Red Bloom of the Boom is out Nov. 6th.

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