I’m a bit behind the times on this one, but let’s ignore the timeliness factor for just one moment. Interpol has a new song, and I’m sure there are those of you who have already stopped reading this (or are about to) because of the kind of culture that Interpol is generally thought to represent – hipsters. For whatever reason, it seems like there are few other bands that have come to represent hipsters in the same way that Interpol has, which certainly works for them in some regards and against them in others. But let’s ignore that for a moment, too. Why am I asking you to ignore these things? Because this song is so, so good, and you need to allow yourself to listen to it without any sort of prejudices.

When it comes to the Interpol catalog, I fall on the slightly less favored side of those who think Antics was significantly better than Turn on the Bright Lights. Where Turn on the Bright Lights had energy and blatant Joy Division inspiration, Antics had delicate, resonate melodies and found the band trying to make a style for themselves instead of trading on someone else’s. However, if “Heinrich Maneuver,” the single from their third full-length, Our Love To Admire, is any indication of what the rest of the album sounds like, it has the potential to be better than Antics.

Interpol: “Heinrich Maneuver” (download)

Launching immediately with “How are things on the West Coast?” and one of the band’s most immediately infectious guitar lines to date, “Heinrich Maneuver” brings the urgency of Turn on the Bright Lights to the shimmering melodies of Antics. The song is deceptively simple at first, but close listening (especially during the chorus – listen to that bass!) reveals the band’s airtight skills in craft. “Heinrich Maneuver” begs only one question: is it July 10th, yet?

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