It’s been a long week. One of my two other roommates decided to move out, resulting in a lot of stress over money, landlords, finding new roommates, etc. All the housing stress reminded me of my first apartment hunt, and then reminded me of something my editorial & review class professor told me about in my last year in school: the Rent Is Too Damn High (or RITDH) Party.

I’m sure any New Yorker is well-versed about Jimmy McMillan, who ran for New York City Mayor in 2005 and Governor in 2006 on the sole platform that rent is too damn high. And, really, who can disagree with the man? I certainly can’t. For one bedroom in a three-bedroom place, I’m paying more than my friends in Seattle pay for entire one bedroom apartments.

The website explains further on their platform (not that there’s much to explain), and it also features a jammin’ theme song, which I’ll share for your listening pleasure:

Jimmy McMillan: “Rent is too Damn High” (download)

According to the site, they’ll be back in 2008, so don’t forget, New Yorkers!