Okay. You caught me. I’ve been busy. For the past month or so, my life has been consumed by my advanced photography class. We had a show last week, and I poured every free minute of my time into it. But now it’s done, which means that T-Sides is back on track. HOORAY! Luckily, this also gives me the perfect reason to post my favorite Aerosmith song.

Aerosmith: “Back in the Saddle” (download)

A few things before we resume our scheduled programming:

1. Bloggers for a Cure: it’s still there, and you should still be donating. Even if you can spare $25, even if you can spare $5. Because it’s a worthy cause, and I’d like to think that all this time we spend forging internet relationships can actually do something, wouldn’t you?

2. Jefitoblog: go tell Jeff that you love him and that he needs to keep blogging. If there was no jefitblog, there would probably be no T-Sides, because Jefitoblog was a huge inspiration. Love me, love jefitoblog.

3. I was too busy prepping for my photography show to partake in last week’s Week in Rock Roundtable, but the boys still had some fun without me.