Before the Blow became an overnight blog sensation with Paper Television and “Pile of Gold,” they release a little EP called Love Songs: Poor Aim (not right before, but about 2 years before). It’s full of simple pop love songs, and it’s probably one of my favorite EPs ever. To tell the truth, it’s the only realease of theirs that I’ve liked all that much. Luckily for me — and of course YOU! — the kind folks at K Records (Washington State, represent!) are re-releasing that darling EP along with all sorts of remixes. Even luckier for me — and of course YOU! — the kind folks that do their PR got the EP in my hands yesterday, which means it’s just in time for today, the most dreaded of holidays for many — Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I don’t have a romantic valentine’s date (but I do have a hot friend/blogger/roommate date), so for those of you who find yourself in the same position as me, you may find my favorite song on the EP, “Hey Boy” particularly apt. It addresses the ever important question — guys, why don’t you ever call the ladies? (Seriously.) Of the two remixes, I perfer the one by DJ Alan Fortarte.

The Blow: “Hey Boy” (download)
The Blow: “Hey Boy (DJ Alan Fortarte Remix)” (download)

For those of you who might have Valentine’s dates this evening, you might want to try this one:

The Blow: “The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide” (download)

I know it’s a ways away, but hopefully these delightful song morsels will keep you satiated until April 24th, when the re-release drops. Naturally, T-Sides will be here to remind you when that gets closer.
Have a happy VD, everyone!

Image courtesy of the Blow’s myspace