I had originally planned a sort of blog update weekend extravaganza. I’ve been crazy mad exhausted lately, so I was looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and mild but enjoyable work, such as finishing the little things left to do in the apartment, watching ROME and updating T-Sides. Then yesterday I realized that this weekend is the only weekend I have to shop for Christmas presents before I go back to Seattle. Over the past years, I’ve been slowly developing into a bit of a grinch, and now that I have to waste this weekend running around fighting the Cristmas shopping rush, I’m pretty much there. But enough bitching about the holidays: I’ll save that for another entry!

I know chances are that you’ve already heard the new Jay-Z album. And I know chances are that you’ve already developed an opinion on it. But HOT DAMN, Kingdom Come is AWESOME. It’s pretty much all I’ve wanted to listen to since I got it a couple nights ago. I dare say it’s my favorite rap/hip-hop album of the year — even over Clipse, even over Lupe Fiasco. Not over Gnarls Barkley, but I don’t really consider that in the same category. Seriously, do yourself a favor and listen to it again. But don’t listen to it in passing, don’t listen to it while you’re online and getting distracted. Sit down and really listen to it. I’ll help you out:

Jay-Z: “Kingdom Come” (download)
Jay-Z: “Lost Ones (Feat. Chrissette Michelle)” (download)