A few things around the internet that are of interest to me, and hopefully you:

1. One of my closest friends, Mita, has started an mp3 blog. She focuses on rare, eclectic, strange shit, and those of you who dabble in such things will surely thank me for telling you about her blog.

2. If you’ve read this blog with any regularity, or if you know me beyond passing “hello”s, then you know that a little band called Peter Parker was instrumental in developing my musical tastes. There’s a bit of info here. Well, it turns out that they’re getting back together. A quote from front-man Matthew McGowan from the article:
“Our last Seattle show was at the Crocodile in December of 2002. At the time, I never, ever wanted to play any of our songs ever, ever again, so I broke my guitar. That was dumb.”
Yes, yes it was, because if I remember correctly, he had an L6-S with a Cherry Sunburst finish, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Anyhow, I hope this doesn’t release all that teenage angst and depression again…

3. I love Ben Gibbard, but I don’t love his mullet.

4. I have a byline on a small story on the front page of RES Magazine’s website.