A lot of people tend to think that I immediately hate anything that’s mainstream/Top 40. While this may be true more often than not, just like with anything else, there are exceptions. I’ve never had any problem giving credit to pop performers who are legitimately talented.

I’ve never had a problem with Christina Aguilera, though I absolutely agree with Oliver of Soul Sides‘ statement that a lot of modern singers (including her) are going overboard with the melisma. Still, she has a pretty impressive voice (even if I think Kelly Clarkson’s got her beat), and if there are girls out there who can’t get behind “Beautiful,” I haven’t met them yet.
“Ain’t No Other Man” (download) is the latest tune from her upcoming album, Back To Basics. The lyrics are pretty damn stupid. Every time she says “you’re bad ass,” it takes me back to 6th & 7th grade, which is the last time I remember hearing “bad ass” in everyday conversation (thanks, “Beavis & Butthead”!). But goddamn — this song makes me want to get up and DANCE.


Paris Hilton, on the other hand, I’ve always had a problem with. Not only is she a spoiled priss with more money, fame and attention than she deserves (especially considering her lazy eye), but her sex tape boasted the laziest performance I’ve ever seen. Of course, the upside is that I think the average woman can safely say they’re better in bed than Paris is.
Not wanting to be outdone by someone like rich party girl Lindsay Lohan, who is famous for actually doing something, including putting out two albums, Paris decided to flaunt herself infront of the microphone for a change. While “Stars Are Blind” (download) doesn’t make me want to get up and dance like the Christina track does, it does make me want to put on skimpy pajamas and jump up and down on my bed.