I thought I was going to have more than this, but I didn’t go in today because I’m sick and I almost collapsed in Penn Station. But, still…

Things were going on outside the office just as much as inside this past week.

Jann Wenner + Wenner Media were all over Gawker in relation to firings and a new suit involving the former Men’s Journal EIC. Jann even made the Page Six and Memo Pad columns, which is kind of funny because both of those columns are in the media packets that get distributed around the office – including to Jann himself.

Also, thanks to the other interns and looking in the Gawker archive, I found out that there’s going to be an MTV reality show based on Rolling Stone interns. A bunch of kids are going to intern at RS and fight for a chance to be a contract writer. Did I not hint at an idea for a realtity show like this in my column about reality television about a year ago? I upsets me to no end that I did not find out about this until it was too late to apply. Sure, I’m already interning there, but I’m not getting the chance to be a contract writer. Bah!

Inside the office, the latest cover boy, Shaun White aka “The Flying Tomato,” stopped by. As I was coming off of the elevators from lunch, I almost crashed into him and his family, who were standing right infront of them. He’s kind of short.

Lastly: HELP ME (kind of sort of) GET PUBLISHED IN RS. You know those funny videos and websites that get passed around via IM, myspace and e-mail messages? Any time you get a link like this, please send it to me! But try to stick to things that are really, really new. Our supervisors are asking us to give them five links like this every week prior to a closing week, along with 50 word summaries. If they like what we write, it might be printed. We probably won’t get bylines, but, hey – getting printed in Rolling Stone is a big deal no matter what.