Yesterday was my first day of my internship with Rolling Stone. The day’s events and observations are as follows:
I spent the first half of the day learning about media packets and meeting people, and the second half standing in the wall of covers – a hallway with the covers of every issue of Rolling Stone – counting things like how many times someone was wearing sungless or appeared topless, for a spread in their 1,000th issue. It was exhausting.

The first thing I noticed is that there are way too many men in high positions and too many women in assistant positions (I know that is typical of fields like business and such, but it would be nice to think things could be different in the field I’m going into). Everyone is really nice, however, a man in the mail room yelled at me for finding special stationary. The internship is very self-sufficient – other interns are the ones responsible for letting you know how things are done and what to do, which I suppose isn’t remotely suprising.

What’s most strange for me about the whole thing is working in an office this big, because the largest office I’ve worked in had five people (and I only had to interact with two of them). Considering that I am horrible at remembering people’s names, that will probably be the biggest challenge!

Overall, a decent first day. I’m still a little in the dark about how certain things are run, but with any luck tomorrow will make me feel a bit more comfortable.