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Albums of the Year, Part 3: Best of the Rest (Including Singles and EPs)

In No Particular Order, 18 More Great Albums From 2011: By Taylor K. Long 9 Types of Light consists of love songs and apocalyptic spaz-outs--so are we more free to love...
Albums of the Year, Part 2: Frank Ocean, "Nostalgia, Ultra"

Love Me Now, When I'm Gone, Love Me None By Taylor K. Long For an emotional R&B singing moniker, Christopher Breaux aka Frank Ocean couldn’t have done much better. Writers often use water metaphors – an ocean, in particular – to represent feelings, emotions, and hidden...
Beer as Heritage in the Pacific Northwest

I’m visiting my family in Washington. I’ve only been at my mother’s house for about four hours, but I’m already reaching for a couple of beers. I take them from the outside fridge, and speed past barking dogs and bickering relatives to my mother’s deck. I close the sliding glass door and suddenly it’s quiet.......
Albums of the Year, Part 1: Fleet Foxes, "Helplessness Blues"

Top ____ Films I Saw This Year

Spun Out: The Year in Sonic Chaos

Music for Diners: Here Comes a Regular

Second Republic: Part 1

Taylor on Taylor: Episode Two

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