Taylor K. Long

Taylor K. Long is a creative professional.

I love connecting with people who are passionate about something, anything, and understanding why. You can view my full resume here.

My passions are numerous, but the big ones are roller derby, the Seattle Seahawks (I’m also a Mariners fan, but…), astrology, and baked goods. I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, where I grew up on nature, music, and seafood. Before moving to New England, I lived in Brooklyn and developed my talent for writing, photography, interacting with strangers, and being broke.

My writing has appeared in the New York Press, A Bright Wall in a Dark Room, Junction Magazine, SOMA, Resonance, and more.

My photographs have appeared in the New York Times, the New York Press, New York Magazine, the New York Post, the Brooklyn Paper, Blackbook, the Upper Valley News, the Awl, Brooklyn Vegan, Free Williamsburg, and more.

Headshot by Eli Burakian